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i-Vision – Machine Vision


Machine Vision system

Infotech studio’s i-Vision system is based on Machine Vision technology, is developed specifically and is adapted to the specific needs of each company.

The example of the i-Vision system in the photo is used to automatically read the markings on the cables and to recognize and pair the cable lugs with the given patterns.

Infotech QMS

Queue Management System

iQMS is a modern queue management system based on highly reliable industrial computers on the one hand and high end software solutions on the other.

Providing exceptional comfort in work, with easy use and without disturbing the existing user information system, it will allow you to arrange crowded waiting rooms according to all world standards while keeping your employees efficient and dedicated to their work.

i-QMS – Queue Management System

i-Nventory –
Fixed Asset Management​


Automatic Fixed Asset Management

The i-Nventory automatic asset inventory system is based on a handheld device with a built-in RFID reader. Instead of an RFID reader, it is possible to use a bar code reader too, in which case bar code labels are used instead of RFID tags. The device has a touch screen so handling, as well as the inventory process itself is very simple.


Meal ordering system

i-Canteen is an automated meal ordering system, designed to facilitate meal ordering and preparation for employees, reduce administrative tasks related to food procurement, regulate meals billing, and eliminate irrational food consumption.

ntegrated RFID system records employees attendance and provides data on the exact number of meals required, which increases staff productivity, service quality and leads to cost reductions.

i-Canteen – Meal ordering system