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Queue Management System

Don't let your clients waiting

The time we lose in waiting is lost forever and we can’t get it back. The stress we experience when we find ourselves in a crowded, chaotic and disorganized environment is the trigger for unpleasant situations. The reduced performance of your employees is a direct consequence of the tension that is created around them, because people want to complete the obligations ahead of them as soon as possible, and working with people is the most demanding.

To turn your business space into a peaceful and elegant environment in which your customers will feel comfortable and your employees will be able to perform their duties with pleasure and without pressure, we offer you the perfect solution.

Infotech QMS

Queue Management System

iQMS is a modern queue management system based on highly reliable industrial computers on the one hand and high end software solutions on the other.

Providing exceptional comfort in work, with easy use and without disturbing the existing user information system, it will allow you to arrange crowded waiting rooms according to all world standards while keeping your employees efficient and dedicated to their work.

Herbalife queue management system

Why iQMS

In addition to standard functions of waiting-line systems, such as issuing a ticket with an ordinal number and calling the number of the next client on the counter and central display, iQMS also offers you:

  • possibility of audio roll call of clients,

  • limiting the number of clients during the day,

  • giving preference to people with special needs, the elderly or pregnant women,

  • user identification with magnetic, smart or RFID payment, ID and VIP cards

  • broadcasting advertising content and much more

  • Optionally, we can also offer scheduling of the service via the Internet or SMS.

Since the complete software is developed by our experts, we can adapt each individual solution to your needs and we also offer our clients a free one-year subscription to the newly developed functions of the system.

Who can use it

and all other institutions that face with large crowds in waiting rooms and problems with the organization of counter services.

Benefits from iQMS


For Clients

  • No waiting in lines
  • Reduced Queue-jumping
  • Less frustration while waiting
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced waiting time
  • Multiple languages

For employees

  • Improved staff efficiency
  • Stress free environment
  • Less customer complaints
  • More precise reward system

For Management

  • Monitoring employee performance
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased customer lifetime value
  • Real-time system monitoring

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All components of the system are of modern design and fit perfectly into your existing interior, and upon request we can brand them in accordance with your ideas.

iQMS components

Infotech Studio’s waiting-line systems are made on the basis of industrial and embedded computers, with industrial touch panel monitors, which achieves exceptional quality, durability and reliability of our systems.

The Queue Management System consists of five basic elements: 

iQMS Software Package

iQMS Server

A set of web services that serve all hardware and software components of the system. iQMS Server application is completely invisible to the user and can be installed as part of the Ticket Dispenser or Central Display on smaller systems, while on larger systems it is installed on a separate computer.

iQMS Health

This application is implemented as a website and is used to monitor the current status of the system. Among other data, it provides the following information: a list of all currently available services, number of clients in the queue for each of the services, the number of employees providing services, the number of currently open counters, average service time, list of clients waiting for a service, etc.

iQMS Client

Website that serves for the registration of operators, selection of services that will be provided at that counter, calling, redirecting and processing clients. This application completely replaces the counter control panel.

iQMS Admin

Web based application that serves to configure the entire iQMS environment

To use all these applications, only a web browser is required because the iQMS system does not require the installation of programs on the user’s equipment.

Download the brochure for more information

Download our brochure to learn more about how the system works, its features and detailed technical specifications.

i-QMS Users

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