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Machine Vision

Machine Vision is the ability of a machine to see, and make a decision based on that.

Machine Vision is a complete system starting from object detection, object lighting and photography, image processing and analysis, comparison with given criteria, decision making and display of results.

This technology is used for automatic control, measurement, guidance, identification. Unlike production line workers who perform visual inspection to assess the quality of workmanship, Machine Vision systems use special hardware and software that allow this activity to be performed many times faster and better. Control through the Machine Vision system plays an important role in achieving the highest degree of quality control in production, leads to a reduction in company costs and ensuring a high level of end-user satisfaction.


Machine Vision system

Infotech studio’s i-Vision system is based on Machine Vision technology, is developed specifically and is adapted to the specific needs of each company.

The example of the i-Vision system in the photo is used to automatically read the markings on the cables and to recognize and pair the cable lugs with the given patterns.

i vision machine vision system
machine-vision-panel test

Common application

  • fault detection (contamination, scratches, cracks, discoloration…),
  • positioning (checking the position and orientation of parts of the object),
  • identification (barcode scanning, OCR),
  • verification (correctness of packaging, checking the quality of printing, wiring cables, installation of PCBs …)
  • measurement (precise measurement ensures that the dimensions of the object and possible deviations are within the defined limits…)

System capabilities

i-Vision system can read various types of codes, from ordinary code marks on packaging, to reading 1D barcodes, 2D DataMatrix and QR codes.

Using OCR optical character recognition technology, the system can also read text records.

It has the ability to recognize shapes.


System components

i-Vision system is equipped with high-resolution cameras and uses high-quality and reliable high-performance industrial computers, designed to work in special conditions that meet the standards for work in factory environments.

Appropriate software adapted to the purpose of the system is developed for the functioning of each i-Vision system.

Who can use it

Machine Vision is primarily used in production processes, but it is increasingly used in other areas as a powerful and economical way to implement automatic quality control. Even at high speeds and stringent precision requirements, the system enables 100% monitoring of manufactured products and becomes a key technology that strengthens the competitive advantage of the companies that use it.

It is most often used in:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry and food packaging
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Machine industry
  • Printing industry
  • Robot guidance
  • Postal services…

Advantages of using the Machine Vision system


100% control in production

Instead of sampling random products, the Machine Vision system can be used to check each product in the production process


Continuous operation

Since the machine does not tire like a human, the system can be used 24/7 without interruption



Machine Vision can perform hundreds of checks every minute, much faster than any human



Machine Vision eliminates worker subjectivity, so that each item is processed according to the same criteria and rules each time


Reduction of costs

Due to continuous control, defective products are identified and rectified immediately, which reduces additional costs

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Customer satisfaction

Control of all products allows only tested products without error to reach end users

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i-Vision Software

Appropriate software adapted to the purpose of the system is developed for the functioning of each i-Vision system.