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Time & Attendance System

More than half of the companies are affected by the theft of working hours, whether it is a delay in arriving at work, leaving work earlier, or frequent and longer breaks than planned. The average worker can steal from his employer from half an hour to 5 hours of working time per week for which he will be paid, which potentially leads to tens of thousands or millions of dollars of increased expenses per year, depending on the size of the company.

If your company pays employees by the hour, then you know how important it is to keep accurate records of the number of working hours. This can be a challenge, and in the past such records have created a great burden on the human resources service, however, the development of new technologies has enabled new solutions in this field, one of which is the time and attendance system.


Time and Attendance System ​

Time and attendance system is completely based on RFID technology and LAN and WiFi network communication. It is a modern solution for collecting information of when the employees clock in and clock out of work.

The system is based on RFID card reading terminals that can work autonomously or in connection with a central server. Records are stored at each terminal separately, and the collected informations are sent to the central server automatically or on request. Time clock terminals have the ability to work in IN, OUT or auto detect mode and can also be used as access control terminals.

Ability to log in by entering a code or PIN code in case of loss of RFID card. A device with an integrated camera ensures that a photo is taken each time you log in.

Time and Attendance
Time and Attendance software

The system allows data collection from all remote terminals with a single mouse click. Possibility of automatic combination of obtained data with data on foreseen and realized working hours, overtime or night work, etc.

In combination with HRSC (Human Resources and Salary Calculation) SW it is possible to automate from the beginning to the end the process of recording working hours, vacations, absences from work, calculation of personal income of workers, including the printing of bank transfers, recapitulations.

The system provides the ability to export data for other applications such as payroll, and print a large number of daily or monthly reports.

Who can use it

Tracking time and attendance records is crucial for all organizations, regardless of their size, activity, or methods they use to determine employee salaries. Whether it is an organization with a couple of employees or a large system with thousands of employees, the existence of automated time records can help organizations in all industries to save money and increase the efficiency of their services.

Benefits of using the i-Time
Time and Attendace system


It reduces administrative costs and the time required for the calculation of employees’ salaries


Gives precise insight into the records of attendance and absence of employees and the exact time of arrivals and leaving from work


It leads to respect for working hours by employees, reducing the number of delays and early getting out from work.


Fast and accurate recording of employee presence using contactless RFID technology

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By automating the time and attendance records, the possibility of human errors in the calculation of working hours and salaries is eliminated


Compatible with the access control system, it can also be used as a terminal for access control of staff

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i-Time system components

Infotech Studio’s i-Time system consists of several hardware and software elements.

i-Time Users

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