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Meal Ordering System

It is a common practice that larger companies, factories, organizations, schools have their own canteen.. The canteen is not just a room that serves for dining, it is a place where colleagues can relax briefly, with food and socializing, and take a break from work activities. Socializing with other colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere can help increase team spirit and overcome work-related pressures.

For large organizations, canteen management can be a challenge. A centralized canteen management system is necessary for efficient food preparation and monitoring of its consumption.


Meal ordering system

i-Canteen is an automated meal ordering system, designed to facilitate meal ordering and preparation for employees, reduce administrative tasks related to food procurement, regulate meals billing, and eliminate irrational food consumption.

Integrated RFID system records employees attendance and provides data on the exact number of meals required, which increases staff productivity, service quality and leads to cost reductions.

i-Canteen meal ordering system

How it works

i-Canteen how does it work

1. User identification

The meal user first draws his / her identification card and records his / her presence.

2. Meal selection

If he is on the list of users and has the right to order food, the user can order one of the offered meals in the menu for a particular day in advance.

3. Issuing coupons

The user receives a printed coupon for today’s meal that he ordered earlier, and if he did not order it, he receives a coupon for a standard meal.

4. Getting meals

With the printed coupon, meals are picked up in the canteen.

5. Creating a report

To make the whole process work efficiently, several types of reports are automatically created:

  • Daily reports with meals to be prepared for the current day
  • Report with meals taken
  • Report with orders for a specific day in advance
  • The weekly report
  • Semi-monthly report
Meal selection
meal coupon

6. Meal preparation

From the report with orders and records of user presence, a daily report is generated based on which meals are prepared for the current day.

7. Ordering groceries

What was ordered and in what quantities can be seen in the weekly report (if the orders go up to 7 days in advance) in order to provide sufficient quantities of groceries for the next week on time.

8. Meal payment

On the basis of semi-monthly reports with data on meal users (what they ordered on which day and the prices of meals they took over), the amount to be charged is calculated.

Who can use it

i-Canteen, a meal ordering system, is intended primarily for organizations that offer organized meals within their own canteens, such as:




Government organizations,


Schools …

Benefits of using a meal ordering system


It reduces costs through savings in food consumption and hiring fewer staff.


Gives detailed reports on the required and consumed quantities of food for meal preparation.


Redukuje bacanje viškova hrane usled precizne evidencije o potrebnom broju obroka.


Compatible with access control system and time attendance records.

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I-Canteen meal ordering system components

Infotech Studio’s i-Canteen meal ordering system consists of several hardware and software elements.

Download the brochure for more information

Download our brochure to learn more about how the system works, its features and detailed technical specifications.

i-Canteen Users

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