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Access Control

Nowadays, companies and other institutions are vulnerable to numerous security threats, ranging from theft, violent crime, industrial espionage and even terrorism. Whether it is a private company or a public institution, certain measures need to be taken to prevent someone from harming a company or employees.

Access control is an effective measure to increase security, and at the same time it manages the flow of people through the premises. In addition to allowing access only to authorized persons, the access control system can know exactly who entered, when, and where, monitor the situation in real time, and record and prevent any attempt at unauthorized access.

For the needs of its clients, Infotech Studio has developed a complete access control system.


Access Control System

The system consists of terminals for access control ACT and ACS (access control server) server applications for configuring and managing terminals, monitoring video streaming from the terminal, collecting information on authorised and unauthorised attempted passages at checkpoints, and a complete procedure for taking appropriate action in case of alarm or unauthorized access.

The ACT-457 is probably the most complex and state-of-the-art access control terminal on the domestic market. Of similar terminals, it is especially distinguished by the existence of a video camera built into the device, then two digital inputs as well as two relay digital outputs intended for opening the electronic lock or raising the ramp and turning on the alarm in case of unauthorized access. The device can operate autonomously or in slave mode where the device is controlled by an ACS application. The device has a touch screen that allows easy user interaction with the terminal (if required) and can work with 125KHz or 13.56MHz RFID cards.

The main advantage of this device is the ability to set up the device from a remote location and, if necessary, cancel privileges for a particular user, which takes less than 10 seconds.

Time and Attendance
Access control application

Access Control Server

Access Control Server is a central application that monitors all terminals in the network, keeps records of all issued cards for access to a specific location, assigns or revokes access rights to individual persons or entire groups. All terminals are organized into groups and it is possible to configure all terminals in the group at the same time (by setting group parameters) and the same applies to users.

The basic functions of this application are:

1. Setting parameters for terminal operation (including operating mode, RFID card verification mode, PIN code request, etc.)
2. Individual assignment or revocation of user privileges to access a particular terminal
3. Records of all users who have access to a particular location
4. Create an RFID access card
5. View the situation on the site in real time (video surveillance) by starting the camera on the ACT
6. Records of all events from all terminals in the network
7. Execution of actions programmed in case of alarm
8. Preparation of reports on events that occurred

Who can use it

Access control system is intended for anyone who wants to restrict access to certain areas, facilities or parts of facilities, allowing quick and easy access to authorized persons and at the same time preventing access by unauthorized persons. Access control systems are most commonly used to control external entrances, but can also be used to control access to certain areas within buildings such as vaults, archives, warehouses, server rooms, and other security-sensitive parts of buildings.

The users of these systems are most often large companies, government institutions, financial institutions, manufacturers from heavy and light industry, sports facilities, airports, etc.

Benefits of using the i-ACS Access control


System management, event tracking and security monitoring is performed through a single central server


Provides quick access to authorized persons by identification via contactless RFID cards – Compatible with the time and attendance system


Instead of changing the lock and keys, revoking access to a person is done in a few seconds by revoking the authorization

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Increases staff productivity when performing activities in a safe and secure environment

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i-ACS components

Infotech Studio’s i-ACS Access control system consists of several hardware and software elements.

i-ACS Users

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Download our brochure to learn more about how the system works, its features and detailed technical specifications.