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Radio Frequency IDentification

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology has already proven its benefits through incredible expansion and application in all spheres of life in recent years. In our offer you can find a wide range of products based on RFID technology made by proven  manufacturers. Our selection, among the variety of RFID products we offer, includes:


Tickets / Paper cards


Key fobs




RFID Handheld devices

RFID Printers

Starting from 1999, we have gathered over 20 years of experience in working with RFID technology, during this time we have come a long and interesting way in the implementation of RFID systems for various purposes. Using almost all available types of RFID chips from the most widespread LF, HF and UHF up to 2.4GHz and applied them in various projects like: time attendance, marking of military uniforms, transport of blood components, access control, in almost all areas where this technology is applicable.

Our solutions based on RFID technology

Based on modern industrial computers and RFID technology, the systems we have implemented stand out with exceptional reliability and undisguised satisfaction of our customers. We can rightfully say that we can offer an original and functional solution, based on RFID technology and fully tailored to your requirements. What we consider our advantage is the adaptation of all existing solutions to customer requirements.


Here we present some of the already implemented solutions, but also some of the current projects:

Time and Attendance


Time and Attendance

i-Canteen meal ordering system


Meal ordering system

Fixed asset reading the room


Fixed Asset Management